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NEET Mock Tests in price including GST (Rs.1000+18%GST180=Rs.1180/-)
NEET Mock Tests in price including GST (Rs.1000+18%GST180=Rs.1180/-)

1770.00 1180.00
Expiry : 365 Days
Exams : NEET PAPER - 5 | NEET PAPER - 6 | NEET PAPER - 7 | NEET PAPER - 8 | NEET PAPER - 9 | NEET PAPER - 10 |

Product Description

This paper set includes 10 NEET Mock question papers. These are customised questions which are the dedicated handiwork of vastly experienced faculties of respective subjects. The paper sets are the outputs of many hours of intense brainstorming sessions. Students of Shakti School, currently studying in a number of iconic and prestigious institute across India, have benefitted from practising the same paper sets. Here is a unique opportunity for you to do likewise. Happy learning.